Teacher Appreciation Week! Gifts for Teachers! Face Masks and Shirts!

 Teacher Appreciation Week! Gifts for Teachers!  Face Masks and Shirts! Check out our ETSY Store, or contact us at +1 512-677-4133 or through our Facebook or Instagram Pages. We are available 24/7 (unless we are sleeping). ORDER NOW! CONTACT US! If you have an idea you want on your shirt or face mask for your teacher, contact us, we can make it happen! Teacher Appreciation Week is very important. Teachers get so many mugs every year. Why not give them something unique? A unique Face Cover or T-Shirt. To Better Serve You, we are using the following sites and payment methods: Etsy:     - send us a message and we can make it happen! Facebook: Instagram: Cognito Forms:    (Submit a Request, send us a logo or image, give us the details, and we will make it happen!) We accept

How Did We Get Into Face Masks with Designs and Logos?

We are living in very difficult times. We were under quarantine and the t-shirt business just wasn't picking up like we expected. We waited and waited, while my sister was making sales on face masks. After some time, she asked us to do some designs on her face masks for some of her clients. We decided to jump in and get into face masks after that wonderful experience. Face Masks are the best way to protect ourselves during this COVID-19 pandemic. We have developed this collection of face masks to help you find comfortable masks for the Summer and Fall. We make them 100 percent cotton and they are very comfortable to wear especially with the hot summers expected this year 2020. Our masks are  hand made  and given a personal touch. We are not a factory, we are a  small family owned business  with partners who make  reusable face masks  for us. When the masks are ready, we place the design on them and ship them directly to you. We are located in Georgetown, Texas. We are happily worki

Why Custom T-Shirt Designs?

To understand why we got into the custom t-shirt design business, here is a little bit about us: We are Edwin and Elissa Steer, newlyweds, and the founders of  Steer Custom T-Shirt Design .  Edwin is a full-time school bus driver, and Elissa is a third-grade bilingual teacher. We are passionate about our careers because we love working with children. We are very busy people as we use our free time to teach and help others in the ministry by preaching and conducting Bible studies. We love to preach in other countries during our summer breaks to help people learn from the Bible! We love anything related to the Bible, and Edwin LOVES funny memes and videos.  Why not put what we are passionate about into something that others can enjoy as well?  We decided to start our small  online store :  Steer  Custom T-Shirt Design.  We are located in  Georgetown TX. Check out our Blog Here! Beginning with  teacher t-shirts ,  funny t-shirts , and  Christian t-shirts , we began our selection of  custo

Custom Face Masks - Trying to Survive Covid-19

Custom Face Masks As Covid-19 pandemic calmed down due to the quarantine period, we were making efforts to provide excellent custom t-shirt designs by giving customers the opportunity to submit their own design. Things were slow, and we did not know what would come of our business. As the virus began to spread in June 2020, we saw the great need for face masks and face covering. Face Masks were a big need when we saw the news channel talking about a great shortage of masks. We decided to get into the business of making face masks for all who need it. At first, my wife got involved in the selling of 30 face masks with my sister. I did not think anything of it. But then as the pandemic spread, we saw a big opportunity to earn some income while also providing excellent service to our community. We entered the business of custom face masks. We did not just make face masks though, we also provided the opportunity to put logos or designs on them. We wanted to provide something unique and per

Launched Our Online Store on June 1st! Steer Custom T-Shirt Design!

Image We were very nervous and anxious. At the same time, we were very excited and happy. We have never done this before and we invested a lot of time and money into this new business. Two hard months working hard building a website while learning how to build one. Two hard months creating designs while learning graphic design and adobe photoshop. We had no idea what would happen but we were ready! We launched our site officially to start selling on June 1st, 2020. We thought we would be overwhelmed as we weren't fully ready. Fortunately, things were slow, internet traffic was growing slightly. Edwin's last paycheck was coming at the end of June. We wanted our business to start earning by then so we wouldn't have any concerns. Two weeks passed by. Nothing. We were anxious trying to promote our website and business online. Finally! After so much hard work! Edwin receives his last paycheck. On that same week, began receiving

Corona Virus (COVID-19) Pandemic Effects on my Wife and I!

We are very fortunate to have bought a home just before this pandemic came through. We have been able to enjoy the space and comfort of a home. During this quarantine period, we spent most of our time at home looking for things to do. One thing we wanted to do is start a small business. We began brainstorming ideas over and over until we realized that one thing we truly enjoy is memes. We also enjoy reading the Bible, so we decided to share it with the world, but how? That's when we came up with the idea of making custom t-shirt designs! We began to figure out designs and I began learning how to build a website. My father is an expert on web design and I asked for a lot of advice from him. We brainstormed ideas until we created We began with funny t-shirts and Christian t-shirts, and we have grown to have designs in so many areas! We are very happy to have started our own small business and although we do not know what results will come out of this, we